Elcomponent - Making Sense of Your Energy

Elcomponent has been providing innovative, cost-effective solutions for electricity and energy monitoring and metering. We've been helping you manage energy since 1986. Our data loggers are accurate, reliable and easy to use. Our metering systems are installed by our own engineers and deliver accurate data in any environment for all utilities. Our software packages encompass both site-based and cloud-based solutions and all are affordable, tightly-focused and easy to use. Our experience covers both public and private sectors and with over 5000 satisfied customers our track record speaks for itself.

aM&T, AMR, Monitoring and Targeting... There are a bewildering number of terms and acronyms for what we do at Elcomponent, which is why we have created a 'jargon-buster' to make our website easier to use. Just click on any highlighted phrases or acronyms to find out what they actually mean, or what they stand for!

However, if you've arrived at our website you probably need to do some energy measurement of some kind. If you're looking for portable data loggers for measuring electrical consumption or you need to log some existing meters for a period of time then we have exactly what you need. We're market leaders in portable energy data loggers, with a range that encompasses everything from a simple low-cost clip-on unit to one of the most sophisticated analysers you'll find anywhere, as well as everything in between. You can be sure of finding exactly what you need to start saving energy and carbon as cost-effectively as possible.

We are also a leading supplier of automated meter reading systems and software, so if you need to read your existing meters automatically, and/or install some additional meters, or perhaps a system to display real-time meter readings around your site, then you've come to the right place. We've been designing, manufacturing and installing aM&T and AMR systems since the 1990s and we pride ourselves on giving clear unbiased advice, as well as providing the best available energy management systems and the best possible value.