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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Our pre-purchase vehicle inspections are comprehensive top to toe visual examinations covering: engine, transmission, steering, suspension, brakes, electrics, body, paintwork, interior. A road test of the vehicle is also carried out.
All the information from the inspection goes to provide a 10 page easy to understand report.
A verbal report is given after the inspection and the written report is either e.mailed or posted 1st class on the same day.
If you would like us to negotiate with the vendor about any repairs needed then this is an optional service we offer at no extra cost.

A Free Car Data Check is carried out on pre-purchase inspections if required.

Note: As the Car Data Check is carried out free of charge the information is for the engineer's records only. However, you will be advised if there is any adverse information recorded.

Classic Car Inspection

We do not charge extra for classic car inspections. They are carried out exactly as a pre-purchase vehicle inspection detailed above.

Sports and High Performance Car Inspection

We carry out inspections on amongst others - Ferrari - Porsche - Aston Martin - Maserati - Bristol - American, ie pickup trucks and classics - Rolls Royce - Bentley
When carrying out inspections on Rolls Royce and Bentleys workshop facilities are required.

General Inspection

This inspection is usually carried out when a vehicle has been purchased, and it turns out not to be as described, when a Warranty or Lease is about to run out, or if numerous defects have appeared that a vendor is unwilling to sort out.
Inspections of this type have often highlighted "cut-and-shuts", poor repairs, etc.
This inspection would also be useful if you are considering selling the vehicle on Ebay or the internet. You could let prospective purchasers view the report before they bid or buy.


An inspection of specific components of a vehicle, for example; bodywork or paintwork, failed engine, gearbox, steering or component parts of the steering, suspension or braking systems.
Inspections of this type have sometimes been able to identify long-standing faults that can be shown to have existed prior to purchase.

Roadworthiness Inspection

This inspection is usually carried out on vehicles that have been repaired after accident damage repairs have been carried out. Insurance companies usually request that the owner of such a vehicle has an inspection carried out on the vehicle before they will re-insure it.

Post Accident Repair

This inspection will determine if a vehicle has been repaired to a commercially acceptable standard. This inspection covers all visible aspects of the repair.
It would not include a steering geometry check.
It has been Steve's experience that the general standards of workmanship in the accident repair trade leave a lot to be desired. It is not unusual to find repairers presenting a repaired vehicle to a customer expecting a satisfaction note to be signed, and outwardly everything appears fine, when in fact the repairs have not been carried out correctly.
As most owners could not tell if the repair was satisfactory, how could they sign a satisfaction note with any confidence?
This inspection is realistic, as you cannot expect the repairer to repair a vehicle to a higher standard than that used to build it in the first place.
There are some procedures used in the manufacture of motor vehicles that are simply not available in the repair trade. For example, some types of welds and anti-corrosion protection.

Road Test

The purpose of this inspection is to carry out a road test to confrim various defects such as:
  • Misfires
  • Steering pulling to one side
  • Brake judder
  • Transmission or suspension noises
  • Engine noises
This report is generally a statement of fact. It can be used to confirm that a fault exists. A Road Test is normally carried out when there is a dispute between a customer and vendor, when the vendor alleges no fault exists and the customer insists that the fault is present.

Attending Court - Expert Witness

This would normally be a result of a Specific or General Inspection carried out by us, and involve Steve acting as an expert for a customer in the event of a dispute arising from a vehicle inspection.
Steve has had extensive experience of attending Court as an expert for customers.